Babysitting Guidelines

Guidelines for Babysitting Children with Diabetes

Children who have diabetes are healthy and can do everything other children their age can do. They do have to be careful to eat the right amount of food at the right time to make sure their blood sugar does not go too high or too low. You should make sure to ask the parents to tell you exactly what they want you to feed their child and at what time while they are out. If the child's blood sugar goes too low, you may to give him/her extra food. You should make sure you know the symptoms of low blood sugar and how the parents want you to treat a low blood sugar.

It is helpful for all babysitters to take a general course in babysitting. The American Red Cross has developed an excellent course. You could contact your local chapter to find out if this course is offered near you. Another organization that has developed a babysitting course is Safe Sitter. You can call also 800-255-4089 to see if there is a program near you.

Here are the basic guidelines for babysitters:

Guidelines for Babysitters with Diabetes

Teens with diabetes can be a good choice as a babysitter for a child with diabetes because they understand diabetes.

Most of all, have fun.


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