Camp and Sleepovers

Camp and sleepovers present special challenges and also great opportunity. Your child can become more independent, taking on a greater share of his or her diabetic care.

Diabetes Camp

Diabetes camp is an important part of growing up with diabetes, according to many pediartic endocrinologists. At camp, kids not only learn to take on greater responsibility for their diabetic care, but they have a chance to see hundreds of other kids, just like themselves. Plus, they simply have a great time.

Camp is also an important step for many parents, who are used to being in complete control of their child's diabetic care. The week of camp is often the first break from diabetes that many parents have. This is also an important learning experience, showing the parents that their child can do fine without their constant care. Many children return from camp proud of their new ability to do their own blood tests and shots, something they would not have done at home because mom or dad always did it for them.

There are diabetic camps throughout the United States and Canada. To find the camp nearest you, see our page on Camps for Children with Diabetes.


Your eight year old child has been invited to sleep over at a friend's house. She's dying to go, but you don't know how she'll take care of her blood tests and insulin. What do you do?

Here's some thoughts based on the experiences of Jeff and Brenda, whose daughter Marissa has slept over many times friends' houses.

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