Gadget Grrl

Gadget Grrl
By Diana Forbes

February 24, 2002

One Touch - InDuo

There are always new monitors coming out and here is one of the more versatile ones we tried recently. It's the OneTouch InDuo Glucose Monitor. Like the One Touch Ultra, the test results take just 5 seconds. Anything longer than that can be an eternity for kids so 5 seconds is good. What is new on this monitor is that it combines both the blood glucose testing along with the Insulin dosing.

There were a number of things we liked about this monitor. The first was the ability to "go back" on a dosage. In other words if you happen to draw too much insulin you can dial back to the correct number of units. Second, the insulin dosing itself was a simple procedure and if you have used an insulin pen you'll have no problem adjusting to the insulin dosing within the InDuo monitor. Third, the monitor keeps track of the insulin dosing, making it easier to retrieve the data when you have a chance to catch up. (So often it's tough to write down the doses of insulin as they occur). And finally, as with the Ultra it uses the same strips but users can take blood from other parts of their body. We found that depending on the child this may or may not be a better option. Kids with little to no body fat had a harder time drawing from anywhere but their fingers. But that was our own un-scientific sampling, it's still worth a try to alleviate using the fingers all the time.

This is available from Lifescan.

Gadget Grrl

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