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  You're a Parent When ... 2003

You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when ...

  1. After your child has had his tonsils removed and the doctor starts telling you what to expect from blood sugars and you add more to his information. Then he asks the question, "Are you a nurse?" You just smile and say, "Just his nurse."
  2. You come into your living room at Christmas time and notice your Christmas tree wasn't exactly how you left it. Then you go over to look closer and you see aqua blue lancets mixed in with the ornaments.
  3. You travel with as much food as you do baggage!
  4. Your Non D child has the stomach virus and you tell her next time she goes to the bathroom you have to check her ketones and she looks at you as if you have lost your mind!
  5. Your non-D child asks how many carbs he can have at snack time.
  6. You no longer say it's time for dinner -- instead you yell to everyone that it's time to check blood sugars.
  7. While reviewing the letter "P" in preschool, your diabetic child proclaims that he knows a word that beings with P -- Pancreas.
  8. Your child is playing a guessing game of which finger he is poking out of the covers, and he says, "It's no fair. You can tell by all the calluses."
  9. Your child asks if he'll still have diabetes when he's in heaven and you assure him he won't (while trying not to cry).
  10. Your child doesn't know his 6 times tables, but knows the 15s.
  11. You glance at the subject line of an email and it reads "I did my first insertion!" and it's not a porn spam!
  12. You go out to dinner and your child accidentally asks for A1C sauce for his steak instead of A1 sauce.
  13. You reach in your purse and pull out a pen only to find it is a syringe.
  14. You work in a restaraunt and a guest complains that they have to be seated NOW because they have diabetes and you calmly walk to your purse and find several "tabs" and give them to the lady. Then you give them "updates" on insulins.
  15. You catch yourself counting the carbs in all the food you or anyone else eats.
  16. You want to complain about your job, but you know you can't quit because you HAVE to have health insurance.
  17. You are talking about a friend's car problem as "He needs to fix his carbohydrates" instead of carburetor.
  18. You hear another parent wish that kids would come with instructions and your diabetic child pipes in and says, "I do, and I don't leave home with out them."
  19. You go grocery shopping and your child runs for the samples in the deli area, "cause those are the only "free" ones, mom."
  20. You read the Letters to Santa in the newspaper and, while everyone else is asking for the latest toys, your son just wants "not to have diabetes."
  21. You go the the ER with your D child, who's blood sugar is 397, and the ER doctor asks "Is that high?" You have so many things you WANT to say, and silently ask yourself why you even bother with anyone but your endocrinologist.
  22. The icecream truck speeds past your house so she doesn't have to answer questions about "How many carbs are in this?"
  23. Your three-year-old asks if he takes his medic alert bracelet off, will his diabetes go away.
  24. Your in-laws, who have type 2 diabetes, are visiting from out of town and there is a contest every morning between them and your child and the person with the highest blood sugar has to make breakfast.
  25. Your first grader calls you from school to tell you that his teachers, nurse, and health aide are all absent so you decide to go to first grade for the day.
  26. Your child refers to sequel movies as "Type 2".
  27. Your child tells Santa that he wants a new pump pouch for Christmas.

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