You're a Parent When ... 2004

You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when ...

  1. Your refrigerator magnets are from your endo, your diabetes supplier, your insurance company, and your pump manufacturer.
  2. You find used infusion sets tied to the furniture as toys for the new kitten.
  3. You ask your child what they had for lunch and they reply 45 carbs!
  4. Your 3-year-old son with diabetes asks every person who drinks juice, "Are you low?"
  5. Your toddlers (with and without diabetes), instead of giving food to their dolls and teadybears, do blood tests and give insulin injections and say things like, "Oh, you are low, hurry up drink your juice!"
  6. You return a pair of cargo pants because the pocket is too small for the blood meter and a roll of glucose tabs.
  7. Your daughter wakes you up in the middle of the night and says, "Mommy, I'm beeping."
  8. You see the high gas prices at a station and what you really see are high blood sugar numbers.
  9. Your child asks if they can have sugar-free cotton candy or cotton candy made with Spenda!
  10. You find your five-year-old daughter testing the finger of her baby doll and saying "Uh-Oh, what did you eat?"
  11. Your five-year-old asks, "Pretty please with Splenda on it."
  12. You go into the bathroom and find your 3-year-old son peeing into a Dixie Cup, and when asked why, he looks up at you and replies, "Well I have to test my peetones."
  13. You find yourself checking and securing each and every straw to its juice box.
  14. Your auto ashtray is full ... of test strips!
  15. Your child has drawn trucks and motorcycles with the words "One Touch" with his Crayola window writers!
  16. After a trip to Europe, you can say "sugar free" in 12 languages, but "How are you?" in only 2.
  17. Having 5 meters around the house makes it hard to get readings for your endo, and you hope both D kids didn't share meters.
  18. You consider crayons a "free food."
  19. Your two-year-old insists on putting cotton balls in her doll's diapers to check for ketones.
  20. You "campout" in the living room and use the oven timer to wake you up every 2 hours when your D child is sick.
  21. Your diabetic child receives a birthday card from his diabetic supply company.
  22. You select the new backpack you will use for all the child's supplies, based on its close appearance to a briefcase, and all its handy pockets, and later you then choose your briefcase on its ability to double as a holder for all the child's supplies on the days you don't want to carry two "briefcases"!
  23. Your child says "I'm tired" and you ALWAYS have to wonder if he's low, high, or just plain tired.
  24. You look in your rear view mirror as your D toddler falls asleep in the car and hope it's not a coma.
  25. You purchase a new baby monitor for your D 8-year-old's room.
  26. You decide that cavities are a lesser evil than seizures when you're giving your child yogurt in the middle of the night.
  27. You buy a new lancet device for your child's Christmas ... and they thank you!
  28. Your two type 1 teens who both drive now argue whoever has the best BG gets the car.

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