You're a Parent When ... 2005

You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when ...

  1. You buy bleach not based on brand preference, but on whether the bottle would make a good sharps container.
  2. Your daughter asks, "Can I get some ketchup to go with my test strips?" instead of her chicken strips.
  3. All three of your children request the "A1C Steak Sauce" at the dinner table.
  4. The makeup case you used to carry in your purse is replaced with an emergency diabetes kit for your child.
  5. Your child asks you if "water proof" means "toilet proof" in reference to the pump.
  6. You watch your teen push his peas and carrots onto his fork with his insulin pump instead of with another utensil.
  7. While driving in the car with your diabetic child, a radio show asks listeners to call in with the answer to the question, "What do parents most often say at their kids?" and your daughter answers, "Did you bolus?"
  8. Your two-year-old non diabetic says "me too" to get her blood checked and wears an old monitor around her waste in a pump pouch.
  9. Medical students come and ask YOU about pediatric endocrinology.
  10. For Halloween your child dresses up as a sharps box.
  11. Your endo is in your family picture.
  12. When your parents answer the phone, the first thing they say is "What's wrong?"
  13. Your six year old non D can spell "endocrinologist"
  14. Your non-diabetic 3 year old, with glucose monitor in hand, states that she's been thirsty all day, had at least 8 glasses of water, and thinks you should check her blood sugar.
  15. You stop calling them "sugar" and start calling them "Splenda."
  16. You arrive at your child's play and within 15 minutes the director, vocal director and choreographer all come up to you and instead of saying "Hello" they tell you, "He just checked his numbers and they're fine."
  17. Every time she asks for something and you say no she replies, "Pretty please momma with Splenda on top!"
  18. You have no problem asking your child if they are "high" in a middle of a public place.
  19. Your husband comes in and asks your child what they are up to and they respond "176" instead of "playing."
  20. Your non-diabetic three-year-old old claims she's low when she's hungry.
  21. Your 16-year-old child with diabetes decides to leave syringes and Lantus out for Santa and his reindeer.
  22. You have the coolest first grader in the entire school -- none of other children have a "beeper" and personal nurse who follows them everywhere they go.
  23. You reach under his blankets to find the remote to turn of his T.V. and accidentally grab his pump instead!
  24. You ask your child how their day at school went and instead of saying "fine" they start rattling off blood sugar numbers.
  25. You are in bed ill and your child with diabetes asks, "Do you have ketones?" and then offers to let you have some of insulin so you'll get better.
  26. The younger siblings pretend that their baby dolls have diabetes and need to have "two carb bottles" and has two pacifiers, one for checking the baby's blood sugar and the other just a regular pacifier.
  27. Your son without diabetes comes out of the bathroom at the age of 3 and announces that he thinks he has diabetes -- "Oh, no, I mean diarrhea!"
  28. You are in a hurry to change out your child's pump site in the morning before school and you realize your pinky finger is numb from the lidocaine and you go to work and can't type (it was numb for about 3 hours).
  29. You make sure your child has candy in bed with them.
  30. It's your D-child's first Christmas after being diagnosed and, after several nightime lows before Christmas, she asks you to sleep with her on Christmas Eve so she doesn't have to get up to check her BG because she doesn't want to get out of bed if Santa is putting out the presents and doesn't want him to leave. So you say that Santa knows you have diabetes and it would be okay if you got up to check. Then you leave cheese and dried fruit instead of cookies for Santa.
  31. Your non-diabetic children run around with used infusion sets hanging out of the waist of their pants telling their diabetic sister that they just changed their sites.

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