The Travels of Rufus #11

Rufus The Travels of Rufus #11
The Bear with Diabetes

Read the journal entries from the travels of Rufus #11 by clicking on the family name below.

  1. The Billetdeaux Family, Michigan, USA - Oct 2002
  2. The Frankart Family, Ohio, USA - Nov 2002
  3. The Ritter Family, Washington, USA - Jan 2003
  4. The DeLisle Family, Rhode Island, USA - Mar 2003
  5. The Dominguez Family, Florida, USA - May 2003
  6. The Hansbury Family, Pennsylvania, USA - Jun 2003
    The first Rufus 11 was missing in action and was recently replaced by a new Rufus 11
  7. The Youngmark Family, Kansas, USA - May 2004
  8. The Shaw Family, Texas , USA - Jun 2004
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Copyright Notice:
Rufus and Ruby, the bears with diabetes, is the creation of Carol Cramer, who owns the copyright to Rufus and Ruby. The graphics of Rufus are from Rufus Come Home, written by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Terry Ravenelli, and are used by permission of the author.

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