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My name is Laura Magee. I am a fourth year Industrial Design student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I am currently involved in a 4th year Major design project which focuses on sensor enabled wearable monitoring systems for children with diabetes. I have created a short survey that should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Your input would be insightful and valuable information in finding an appropriate and successful design solution.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns. Thank you!

Laura Magee
4th Yr., CUSID
ohsweetnothin AT

1. What is your child's age?

2. What measures do you and your child take in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels? (check all those that apply)

3. Who does the blood glucose testing?

4. Is your child able to test themselves?

5. Do you have a system for emergencies when your child is not in your immediate care? (e.g. Baby Monitors, cellphones, beepers) Explain in brief?

6. Do you and/or your child use a logbook?

7. What information do you record?

8. Do you any software to maintain this data? If yes, what?

9. Do you bring recorded data to doctor visits? If yes, how? (e.g. CD, paper log, etc.)

10. How important is habit forming and learning to you and your child?

11. What approaches/methods do you use to teach your child about their disease?
(e.g. discussion, literature, films, doctor visits, support groups, web sites, etc.)

12. How do you rank your child's awareness of the dangers of poor control?

13. How do you rank your child's awareness of the importance of regular testing to help maintain healthy levels?

14. What are some frequent questions you find yourself asking your child? (e.g. What did you eat today? How do you feel? Did you test after lunchtime?)

15. Do you ever find your child gives you false or inaccurate answers to these questions, possibly to avoid reprimand?

16. If a reliable continuous glucose monitor designed specifically for children was available, would you consider using it?

17. If not, why not?

18. Would you feel more at ease when your child was at school using such a product?

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