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The first survey was run in January 1996. Here are the results:

Who has Diabetes?

How do You Rate Children with Diabetes?

What is Your Favorite Part?

How Often do You Visit?

What Kind of Computer do You Use?

How do You Connect to the Internet?

Selected Comments

A wonderful opportunity to get the latest up-to-date info on diabetes research, education, recipes and so much more. Thank you!

I think it's great for teenagers and for children I don't think that children should go into "Chat Rooms", but this is better then having them on the streets! More On Line! Thanks!

The BEST Diabetes info I've found !!


I have been printing out parts of this site and mailing the pages to my sister (whose daughter has diabetes). They do not have Internet access. It has been very helpful to her family. Thank you for a doing a great job!!

I am new to this site but found it by a Yahoo commection. I am a pediatric nurse who provided diabetic education. I am very excited about finding this connection. Thanks!

I would like to find much more detaliled info on current research. My son has had diabetes since 7 months. He is fourteen now. We did the DCCT stuff from onset. I would like more medical facts. Most of this information is good for newly diagnosed. It seems that those that have disease for a while are forgotten about. Thank you.

This has been a real shock to my wife and I and will need all the help and support we can find. I am very thank full for this great on line service that is available to kids with diabetes and parents and siblings of kids with diabetes.

One of the best diabetes sites I've seen

Absolutely outstanding. Please keep maintaining it. Without this we would be lost!!!

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