Diabetes Prevention Survey

A Survey for Adults with Diabetes and Parents of Children with Diabetes

A test taken from cord blood of newborns can determine the likelihood of developing Type 1 diabetes. Relatives (siblings or offspring) of Type 1 patients are at an increased risk of diabetes that varies depending on their HLA genotype and HLA haplotype sharing with the diabetic relative. Approximately 20-40% of the relatives with the HLA-DR3/4,DQB1*0302 genotype develop pre-diabetic autoimmunity in the first 2-3 years of life and an estimated 70% of those develop diabetes over the next 5 years.

This survey is now closed.

1.   I am:
  A parent of a diabetic child
A diabetic adult
2.   Would you participate in a trial to tell you your newborn's genetic risk?
3.   If yes and your child was at high risk, which of the following would you consider trying if offered in a prevention trial? Check all that apply.
    Giving low dose shots of insulin for a month followed by insulin shots weekly
Giving insulin through a nasal spray daily for several months
Giving oral insulin daily for several months
Giving vitamin supplements daily for several months
Giving breast milk as long as possible followed by a specialized formula until 8 months of age
Any of the above as recommended for my child by my specialist
Other or none of these

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