A Survey About Insulin Pump Use

A Survey About Insulin Pump Use

This survey is now closed.

I am a college student writing a report on the advantages and disadvantages of the insulin pump for a pre-teen. I am also the parent of 11-year old with Type 1 diabetes and am considering the pump for him as an alternative to injections. Please answer the following questions to help me determine whether using an insulin pump is an appropriate alternative for pre-teen.

  1. Does your child use an insulin pump? Yes No

  2. If you answered no to question one please answer questions 6 and 7 and check all the reasons why your child does not use the insulin pump:

    Resistance from child
    Lack of parental interest
    Lack of support from Diabetes Team
    Expense of Pump
    Age, specify

  3. If you answered yes to question one please check the appropriate response:
    Infections occur frequently at the infusion site
    Child experiences the predawn phenomenon
    Child's blood sugars usually within normal range
    Child experiences any hypoglycemic episodes
    Pump becomes disconnected

  4. Which pump does your child use?
    MiniMed Disetronic N/A

  5. At what age did your child begin using the pump?

  6. Who calculates the carbohydrates?
    Child Parent Both

  7. Is your child
    Male Female

  8. Would you recommend the pump to a mature 11-year old?
    Yes No

Posted 30 October 1999
Closed 7 November 1999

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