Diabetes and Allergy Survey

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Dear friend of Children with

If you had participated in the previous survey in this website, I thank you wholeheartedly for your participation. The results of that survey produced more interesting questions which are important in understanding the cause of type 1 diabetes.

The following are the questions that I would appreciate it very much if you would answer them with your best recollection. (The answers can be given by parents of the patients). All the questions are directed at the patient.

Thank you,

Shih-Wen Huang, M.D.
Division of Immunology & Infectious Diseases
Professor, Deparment of Pediatrics, Box 100296
University of Florida College of Medicine
Gainesville, Florida 32610

Diabetes and Allergy Survey - Follow Up

  1. What is your birthdate? (patient)

  2. At what age did you begin to experience symptoms of diabetes?
    (drank more, ate more, a lot of urination, weight loss, tiredness, etc.)

  3. At what age were you when you were diagnosed of type 1 diabetes?

  4. If you have asthma, at what age (or which month/year) did you begin to show symptoms of cough, wheezing, or tightness of the chest?

  5. What age (or which month of the year) were you diagnosed with asthma?

  6. Have you outgrown your asthma? Yes No
    If answer is yes, at what age (or which month / year) did you outgrow asthma?

  7. If you still have asthma, what medications do you take and how often are you taking them?

  8. Did you ever had a seasonal or year-round sneezing, watery eyes or nasal symptoms or cold-like symptoms in the past? Yes No
    If the answer is yes, at what age (or month/ year) did you start having those symptoms?

  9. Were you diagnosed as having allergic rhinitis or hay fever? Yes No
    If yes, at what age (or month/ year) were you diagnosed?

  10. Are you still taking medicine for those symptoms? Yes No
    If yes, what medications do you take for hayfever?

    How often you have to take medicine?

  11. If you have outgrown those symptoms, at what age (or month / year)?

  12. Have you ever had eczema (or atopic dermatitis)? Yes No

    If yes, at what age (or month / year) did it occurr?

  13. Have you outgrown your eczema? Yes No
    If yes, at what age (or month / year)?

  14. If you still have eczema, what medicine you are taking?

October 13, 2002

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