College Project Survey

College Project Survey

Closed 24 September 2000

I am a senior in Textile Engineering at North Carolina State University. My senior design project involves the incorporation of a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring sensor into a textile garment. I plan to design the product to meet the needs of diabetes patients of any age. However, I hope that this type of garment would be especially beneficial to children with diabetes because it would ensure that their sugar levels are periodically monitored. Your answers to the following questions would really help me to focus my project on successfully meets the needs of diabetes patients. Thank you very much for your time and input.

Jaime Hayden

Who is the diabetes patient?

another adult
a child in your care

What is the age of the patient?

What type of method does the patient currently use to monitor their blood glucose level?

How often does the patient's current method check their blood glucose level?

What do you like about the patient's current method?

What would you like to change about the patient's current method?

What is the total estimated yearly cost of the patient's current monitoring system?

What percentage (approximate) of this total cost is covered by your insurance?

Are you satisfied with the patient's current method?


How frequently does the patient (or guardian) communicate with their doctor concerning their diabetes?

Would the patient (or guardian) like to communicate more frequently with their doctor? If so, what is preventing this?

Do you consider non-invasive blood glucose testing to be less accurate than methods which directly test the patient's blood?


Do you think the patient would benefit from a monitoring device that warned them when their glucose level fluctuated?

Does the patient (or guardian) monitor any vital signs other than blood glucose level?

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