NDEP School Guide Survey
1. How did you learn about the publication, Helping the Student With Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel?

2. Did you find the information presented in Helping the Student With Diabetes Succeed useful?

3. After reading the School Guide, did you share the information with other people in your child's school who have a role in helping the student withdiabetes?

Thank you for your input. You do not need to complete the rest of the questionnaire.

4. With whom did you share the information in the school guide? (check all that apply)

5. To what extent are the practices described in the School Guide currently being implemented in your child's school? That is, to what extent do members of the staff know what his responsibilities are in relation to students with diabetes and are prepared to respond in case of emergency as outlined in the school guide.

6. Has the School Guide had an impact on any of the following policies or practices regarding the treatment of children with diabetes in your child's school? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
Had an impact Did not have an impact
a. Allowing students to test blood glucose wherever they choose to test
b. Allowing students to test blood glucose whenever they choose to test
c. Allowing students to administer insulin in the classroom
d. Allowing the use of glucagon for emergencies
e. Allowing student to participate in athletics
f. Allowing snacking In the classroom policies
g. Other diabetes management policies

7. If you have not already taken steps to use the school guide, do you intend to in the future?

8. Is there anything specific about the School Guide that you especially liked or disliked?

Thank you very much for your participation. Your responses will help the National Diabetes Education Program in its efforts to help all children with diabetes succeed in school. For more information, please visit the National Diabetes Education Program's website at:

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